Hello, World Alt.(Bite Me, WordPress)

So, setting up the blog took far, far more wrangling than expected, but I think I’ve won the battle. (Key word: think)

All things considered, it’s likely going to be a while until I actually post something, as college starts back up in a few days. For now, I’m going to try and come out of my hermit-y, introverted shell a little and socialize here, as I’ve made a promise to myself that’d I’d give it a go. Feel free and hold me to it by hitting me up for a chat.

Though, I suppose, “hitting me up” may be poor phrasing when considering the context of my blog-to-be and the bloggers I plan on talking to, but what could possibly go wrong?

~A probably playing with fire, but not too much fire, Astralotl


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